“Want to keep your power and your peace?

Never attach yourself to a person, a place or an organization... attach yourself to a mission, a calling or a purpose"

My Career

If you are looking to establish your professional goals or develop a career path, then Career Coaching is for you.

Whether you are about to start your career, you are already employed and looking to progress your career or you are looking to make a career change, we will define your goals and create an action plan together.

➜ CV & Cover Letter writing

➜ Interview preparation

➜ Psychometric assessments (personality and aptitude tests)

➜ Case Study preparation

➜ Promotion & Succession planning

Career obstacles

➜ Skills development (Re/Up-skilling)

➜ Team management

➜ Work / Life balance

➜ Career Path exploration & development

➜ Career Change preparation & execution

➜ Brand positioning

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